I love Instagram.

Social media has a bad reputation for encouraging #comparisonitis and making us feel lousy about our own lives, but there’s an amazing debt-free community on Instagram.

These Instagrammers encourage each other to avoid excessive consumerism, save money, pay off debt, live simply, and follow dreams.

As Dave Ramsey says “live like no one else now so later you can live like no one else.”

Here are 10 of my favorite Instagram accounts. These amazing ladies are such an inspiration!

Natalie Bacon

instagram account natalie bacon

Natalie Bacon is a lawyer turned financial planner turned full-time blogger. She blogs about personal finance and designing your dream life. Natalie began with over $200,000 of student loan debt from law school and has paid off a huge chunk of it already. So inspiring!

If you’re interested in blogging or working for yourself, you’ll love her Instagram account!

instagram natalie bacon

Nerd’s Guide to Wellness

Sarah of NGW just finished Dave Ramsey’s baby step #2 (paying off all non-mortgage debt) and she started BS3 (saving 3-6 months of expenses). Her posts are honest, funny, and inspiring!

instagram nerds guide to wellness

If you want some debt-free inspiration, follow her account!

instagram nerds guide to wellness

The Savvy Sagittarius 

Elyse is working on paying off $34,000 of debt…as a young single woman on a bartender’s income. Be inspired – if she can do it, you can too! She has over 13k followers on Instagram following her debt-free journey.

instagram savvy sagittarius

She posts a lot of debt-free inspirational quotes, as well as posts about goals, budgets, and debt payoff progress updates. I especially like these student loan payoff trackers. These are great for visual people who feel motivated when they can actually see their progress.

instagram savvy sagitarrius

Small Acts, Big Impact

My friend Heather has an awesome Instagram account full of posts about minimalism, simple living, and quotes from books.  An extra bonus: pictures of her adorable cats and her dog, Max!

instagram small acts big impact

Heather is currently working on paying off her mortgage and has left than $44,000 left to go! Amazing! Here’s one of my favorite posts:

instagram small acts big impact

The Budget Mom

The Budget Mom strives to help you crush your financial goals and live a life you love on a budget you can afford. Her account is full of budgets, cash envelopes, and helpful financial tips!

instagram budget mom

If you’re a super organized #moneynerd who likes tracking everything with spreadsheets, you’ll love this Instagram profile!

instagram budget mom

Kiwi Girl on a Budget

This New Zealander is on a journey to pay off over $500,000 of debt – yes, you read that correctly! Their debt was made up of a mortgage, a rental property, and credit cards. They sold the rental, paid off the cards, and are working on paying off the mortgage ASAP.

instagram kiwi girl budget

Bradie’s account is full of inspirational quotes and debt payoff updates!

instagram kiwi girl budget

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Michelle of the popular blog Making Sense of Cents has an awesome account.  Michelle earns over $100,000 every MONTH with her blog! She and her husband used to travel full-time while living in an RV. They recently sold the RV and now live on a boat!

instagram making sense of cents

Her profile is filled with photos of all the beautiful places they’ve traveled to.

instagram making sense of cents

Cheap Recipe Blog

Haley of Cheap Recipe Blog posts tons of beautiful photos of budget-friendly meals. Everything she makes looks SO delicious – and supposedly everything is easy enough to make that even a complete spaz in the kitchen (like me) could make it.

instagram cheap recipe blog

The only downside of looking at Haley’s Instagram profile is that it makes me hungry!  Seriously, how amazing do these cookies look?

instagram cheap recipe blog

Millennial Boss

J of Millennial Boss paid off nearly $90,000 of debt and drastically increased her income by switching to a higher paying field.  She’s now on her way to FIRE (financially independent, retire early).

instagram millennial boss

Her Instagram account is full of pictures of beautiful places. If you want to reach financial independence so you can travel more, check out her profile!

instagram millennial boss

Rachel Cruze

Dave Ramsey’s daughter Rachel Cruze is a talented speaker and bestselling author. My husband and I heard her speak at The Money and Marriage event in Minneapolis and she was so inspiring!

instagram rachel cruze

Follow her account if you want to get out of debt, attain financial freedom, and live like no one else!

instagram rachel cruze

Want to add me on Instagram? The Frugal Millennial page is full of debt-free inspiration and, of course, pictures of my pug!

frugal millennial instagram profile

If you’d like some money saving inspiration, check out these 10 awesome Instagram accounts!

What are some of your favorite frugal living Instagram accounts?