In 2014, the average starting salary for liberal arts graduates was $36,000 annually.  For millennials who are buried in student loan debt, making ends meet on a low salary is a challenge.  One way to earn some extra money is to get a part-time job, but many PT jobs pay minimum wage and have less-than-ideal hours.  Here are 15 part-time gigs that pay surprisingly well and have flexible hours.

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Group Fitness Instructor

Get paid to work out!  Teach Zumba, yoga, Pilates, or a variety of other fun fitness classes.  Prior experience in the fitness industry is typically required.  The average hourly rate for instructors is $19/hour, while more experienced fitness teachers make up to $37/hour!  The hours are flexible and most instructors teach just a few classes per week.

Flight Attendant

Travel for free and make a respectable side income at an average of $21/hour.  No degree required.

Makeup Artist

Work for a salon or work as a freelancer and do makeup for brides/bridal parties.  Everything becomes more expensive with the word “wedding” attached to it, and many brides are willing to spend $60+ on makeup for their big day.

Wedding Officiant

Are you comfortable speaking in front of large groups?  Do you like sharing in others’ joy?  Become a wedding officiant and make $300 per ceremony!  That’s probably quite a bit more than you make at your day job!  Becoming ordained and getting registered is quick and easy.

Dog Walker

The average dog walker makes only $10/hour, but getting paid to play with adorable dogs is pretty awesome and hardly even feels like work!


Love kids?  Get paid to take care of them.  The average nanny earns $13/hour, but a nanny for a wealthier family can earn quite a bit more than that.  Prior childcare experience is typically required.  Basic cooking and cleaning skills are also helpful.


Are you skilled at helping others with their homework and willing to give constructive criticism?  Become a tutor and earn an average of $16/hour.  Physics and science tutors are often paid more.


Do you enjoy serving food and working with customers?  Work for a restaurant or start your own catering business.  The average pay for caterers is $11/hour.


Are you a shutterbug?  Consider turning your hobby into a side gig and earn an average of $14/hour following your passion.


Take on as many (or as few) projects as you’d like.  There are plenty of possibilities for freelance work – such as writing, graphic design, art, website development, bookkeeping, and project management.  Pay varies widely based on your area.


Bartenders make a low hourly rate, but with tips, bartenders earn an average of $12/hour.  Bartenders who work for expensive hotels or nightclubs have the potential to earn more.  Bartending for weddings can also be lucrative.

Personal Trainer

Are you passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and health goals?  Do you enjoy working with clients in one-on-one settings?  Become a personal trainer and earn an average of $18/hour.  A fitness-related degree or certification is usually required.

Wedding Planner

Are you an organized person who loves event planning?  Join an established company or start your own wedding planning business.  The average wage for wedding coordinators is $17/hour.

Sports Coach

Do you enjoy sports and mentoring others?  Become an athletic coach and earn an average of $20/hour.

Library Assistant

Do you enjoy reading, helping others, and working in a quiet atmosphere?  Become a library assistant – the average pay rate is $13/hour.

Do you have a part-time job in addition to your day job?