I love blogging.  I enjoy inspiring others to make smarter financial choices and it’s amazing that I can make a little side income through this blog.  This money goes straight toward the debt snowball on my student loans.

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As much as I like blogging, there are occasionally times when I get writer’s block.  So I decided to do some research on what other lifestyle bloggers are writing about in order to compile this long list of topic ideas!  Whether you’re a frugal lifestyle blogger or a blogger in another niche, there are plenty of ideas here for you.

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Getting Started

Where do you begin?  Here are 15 ways to start your blog post title.

  1. How to…
  2. 5 ways to…
  3. The ultimate guide to…
  4. 10 reasons why…
  5. 3 lessons learned from…
  6. [x] vs. [y] – which is better?
  7. Pose a question
  8. 7 steps to…
  9. What to do when…
  10. 5 tips for…
  11. Why you need to…
  12. Simple ways to…
  13. How I did [xyz] in [xyz time frame]
  14. Myths about [xyz] debunked
  15. The top 5 best [xyz]…

Frugal Bloggers

If you’re a frugal lifestyle blogger, there are a TON of things you can write about.  Here are just 100 of my favorite ideas.  (If you’re a lifestyle blogger in a different niche, keep scrolling for a list of 50 general blog topic ideas for any lifestyle blogger).

  1. Investing
  2. Building savings or an emergency fund
  3. Insurance (car, disability, life, medical, dental, vision, homeowner’s, renter’s)
  4. Job search advice (interviewing, networking, resume, cover letter, salary negotiation)
  5. Career advice
  6. Employer benefits programs
  7. Earning extra income
  8. Side hustles
  9. Buying a house
  10. Purchasing a car
  11. Eating healthy on budget
  12. Working out on a budget
  13. Cheap or free things to do for fun (for couples, for friends, for families)
  14. Budget-friendly activities for fall, winter, spring, or summer
  15. Frugal things to do in [xyz country or state]
  16. Tips for traveling on a budget
  17. Ways to save money by DIY
  18. How to make DIY cleaning products, beauty products, etc.
  19. Budget wedding tips
  20. Money and marriage
  21. Money and dating relationships
  22. Money and friendships
  23. Budgeting (the envelope system, budgeting on a variable income, budgeting with your spouse)
  24. A list of your favorite personal finance books
  25. The best PF podcasts
  26. How money is portrayed (accurately or inaccurately) on TV shows or in movies
  27. A review of a conference or event you attended
  28. Student loans
  29. Paying for college without loans
  30. Graduate school
  31. Credit cards
  32. Credit scores
  33. Minimalism
  34. De-cluttering tips
  35. Decorating on a budget
  36. Organizing your home on a budget
  37. Your grocery haul and how much you spent
  38. Couponing or deals
  39. De-stressing for free
  40. Emotions and money
  41. Spending habits
  42. Mindful spending
  43. Spending bans or spending diets
  44. Beauty or fashion tips on a budget
  45. Gift guides for frugal people or minimalists
  46. How to save money on [xyz]
  47. How you’re living like no one else
  48. Getting out of debt
  49. A controversial opinion
  50. FIRE (financial independence, retire early)
  51. What financial freedom means to you
  52. Your personal financial failures
  53. Getting back on track after financial setbacks
  54. When you can’t pay your bills
  55. Managing money as a one-income family
  56. Throwing a birthday party on a budget
  57. Hosting a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or baby shower on a budget
  58. Saving money as a bridesmaid
  59. Refinancing student loans (or other debt)
  60. Paying off a mortgage
  61. Tools or resources for budgeting and saving money
  62. Starting a blog
  63. Making money blogging
  64. Increasing blogging page views
  65. Saving money on baby or kid expenses
  66. Share an income report that shows how much money you make through blogging or other side hustles
  67. Entrepreneurship
  68. Freelancing
  69. Making money online
  70. Unexpected expenses
  71. Lifestyle inflation
  72. “Keeping up with the Joneses”
  73. Financial lessons
  74. Alternatives to gift giving
  75. Tithing or giving while in debt
  76. Living paycheck to paycheck
  77. Impulse spending
  78. Interview someone about paying off debt or building wealth
  79. The latte effect
  80. The best/worst financial advice you’ve ever heard
  81. The best/worst financial decision you’ve ever made
  82. Taxes
  83. What you’ve been reading/watching/listening to lately
  84. When to buy [xyz] to get the best deal
  85. Your favorite frugal hobbies
  86. Where you can go to donate or sell old items
  87. Saving money as a pet parent
  88. Share your line by line budget
  89. Types of bank accounts (how many you have, which are best, etc.)
  90. A roundup of the best personal finance tips
  91. A list of things frugal people do
  92. A list of things frugal people don’t do
  93. Apps that help you save money
  94. Share how you and your spouse/significant other handle finances
  95. Things you splurge on
  96. Ways that being too frugal can cost you in the long run
  97. The best time of year to buy [xyz]
  98. A long list of ways to save money
  99. How you save [amount of money] on [xyz]
  100. Setting financial goals

Lifestyle Bloggers

These topics apply to lifestyle bloggers in any genre.

  1. 30 life lessons you’ve learned by age 30
  2. A list of things you’re thankful for
  3. The little things that make you happy
  4. Your bucket list
  5. A reverse bucket list (things you’ve already accomplished)
  6. Your favorite books, TV shows, or movies
  7. Your self-care routine
  8. Your morning or evening routine
  9. Tips for staying motivated or organized
  10. What’s in my bag?
  11. Your favorite recipes
  12. Your workout routine
  13. Your must-have beauty products or other items
  14. A product review
  15. Your life goals
  16. Your favorite quotes
  17. A list of reasons why [xyz] is awesome
  18. Your favorite photos or photography projects
  19. DIY projects
  20. Gift guides
  21. Your favorite apps
  22. Random facts about you
  23. A tutorial on something
  24. A playlist of your favorite songs
  25. Your social media tips for bloggers
  26. Your SEO tips for bloggers
  27. How to make money blogging with affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, digital products, etc.
  28. Avoiding burnout as a blogger
  29. Top resources for bloggers
  30. Photography tips
  31. A list of places you’ve already visited or want to visit
  32. Date night ideas
  33. What you did this weekend
  34. Share a weird/funny story
  35. College or career tips
  36. A travelogue with photos
  37. Travel essentials
  38. Your favorite restaurants
  39. Monthly goals
  40. Participate in a challenge (fitness, no-spend, etc) and share that experience
  41. A Ted Talk you enjoyed
  42. Goal-setting tips
  43. How to be happier or more positive
  44. Work-life balance
  45. Dealing with failure
  46. Time management techniques
  47. How you learned to say “no” (or “yes”!) more often
  48. Productivity tips
  49. Planning your best year ever
  50. What intentional living means to you

Looking for even more blog topic ideas?  Check out 365 Blog Topic Ideas for the Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About.

What are some of your favorite blog topic ideas?  How do you beat writer’s block?

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