I saw a list like this on another blog and thought it would be funny (and maybe a tad depressing) to write a list of things we could’ve bought with the $117,000 we have in student loans. Here are 20 things we could’ve bought for $117k instead of our loans.

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2,127 massages
2 expensive, luxury vehicles
11 more reasonably priced used cars (at about $10k each)
585 Coach purses
97.5 years of a membership at a yoga studio
5 or 6 tiny homes
975 years of Netflix
29,000 chocolate truffles
Adoption fees for 292 pugs
19,500 large Starbucks frappuccinos
5,850 date nights at the movies
146 flights to Hawaii
390 foosball tables
1,671 concert tickets
587 bus tours up Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii
468 hair appointments at a ritzy salon
5,850 hair appointments at a cheaper salon
39 hot tubs
4.5 years of traveling around the world
1 townhouse paid for in cash

What could you have bought with the amount of money you have in student loans?

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