Hi friends!  Today on the blog I will be sharing my completed 30 Days of Lists scrapbooking project.

This was my first time doing this project and I absolutely loved it!  I love making lists, so I knew this would be a really fun project.

If you google “list journaling prompts”, you can find a ton of ideas for your own lists. I chose my own prompts instead of going with a list (of lists!) that someone else created. I intentionally chose some prompts that were silly and others that had more substance. I wanted this to be a meaningful and therapeutic project in addition to being fun.

So without further ado, let’s get to it! 

I used the Simple Scrap Notebook from Mochi Things (which I am now obsessed with – I bought two more) and I printed all of my lists on sticker paper that I bought from Amazon. I also used a lot of these clear quote stickers from Amazon as well – these were so cute and perfect for a project like this!

I made my title pages using a template I found in Canva. It was super easy – the text and background were already there, and I just had to swap out the text.

Here is my completed album! I hope this gives you some ideas for your own 30 Days of Lists project.