I LOVE podcasts.  They’re free, they’re entertaining, and they make a long car ride or walk on the treadmill so much more enjoyable.  It’s probably not surprising that I particularly like podcasts about personal finance.

These podcasts help us to learn more about saving, investing, reaching financial independence, getting out of debt, achieving our goals, and so much more.

I’m super frugal and in a culture where debt is so normalized, there are a lot of people who don’t “get” it (which is okay because they don’t have to).

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It’s easy to feel frustrated or demotivated when you’re surrounded by people telling you that you’re crazy or “too frugal” or that “everyone has debt and you should too”.

Finding the #debtfreecommunity has been amazing because these people “get” it.

If you’re trying to improve your finances, I highly recommend finding a few frugal friends, reading personal finance blogs or books, joining communities on social media, and/or listening to money podcasts.

It’s so encouraging and inspiring to see others doing amazing things like getting out of debt, starting successful businesses, or retiring early. Be encouraged – if they can do it, so can you!

Here are my four favorite podcasts that will change your money mindset!

The Dave Ramsey Show

This list wouldn’t be complete without personal finance guru Dave Ramsey.  Dave’s book The Total Money Makeover and his course Financial Peace University have helped thousands of people to get out of debt and achieve financial peace.

My favorite part of the Dave Ramsey show is listening to all of the “debt-free screams”.  Everyone has a unique story, and it’s so interesting to hear about the many different strategies people have used to get out of debt.

Dave also takes questions from the audience, and I like hearing his advice on a variety of financial problems. His book and course are pretty general, so it’s nice to get his perspective on more specific scenarios.

In addition, Dave also occasionally goes on “rants” about different topics.  He takes a tough love, no BS approach to personal finance.

He advises people to live below their means and stop keeping up with the Joneses.  As he says, it’s all about “living like no one else now so you can live like no one else later.”

Favorite Episode: They’re all great!

Fire Drill 

The Fire Drill podcast is hosted by Gwen of Fiery Millennials and J of Millennial Boss. This podcast is about the concept of “FIRE” – financial independence, retire early.  For each episode, Gwen and J interview someone who’s living the dream.

What fascinates me the most is learning about all of the unusual things that people do to achieve financial independence. One guest lived in a van, another moved his entire family to Panama (where the cost of living is low), and a third lives on sailboat.

Most of us have this idea that we have to work in a corporate 9-5 job until we’re 65, live in a somewhat spacious home in the suburbs, drive new(ish) cars, etc.  The interviewees on The FIRE Drill podcast are going against the mold and living completely differently.

I suspect that we will see more and more of this as millennials tend to be less satisfied with 9-5 schedules and many of them have side hustles that may become their full-time jobs.

Favorite Episode: I’m Retiring Early and Moving My Family to Panama

Design Your Dream Life

Nataliebacon.com is one of my favorite blogs because I love Natalie’s story.  She turned six figure student loan debt from law school into a six figure business.  How inspiring is that?!

Her podcast, Design Your Dream Life, covers goal setting, productivity, making money online, and so much more.  While other personal finance bloggers focus on practical strategies for saving money or earning more, Natalie emphasizes money mindset.

Prior to listening to her podcast, I didn’t really “get” why this is so important.  She does an amazing job of explaining why our mindset is crucial in many aspects of life and why it determines the results that we get.

If you’re having a hard time saving money, making more money, taking action, achieving goals, making decisions, etc…it’s probably because of your mindset.  The Design Your Dream Life podcast has given me so many tools that I can use in my daily life to get the results that I want.

Favorite Episode: When It’s Hard and Problems are Forever

Life Coach School

In the Design Your Dream Life podcast, Natalie talks about The Life Coach School podcast, so I decided to check it out and I LOVE it so far.  I’ve only listened to a few episodes, but I’m really excited to listen to the rest of the 200+ episodes (that might take a while!).

Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School, talks about a model she created that looks like this: thoughts -> feelings -> behavior -> results.

This might seem really simple and obvious, but as she delves into different topics (why we don’t take action when we want to, why it’s so hard to stop bad habits, how to feel better, etc.), it’s clear that most of us ignore this basic truth.

This podcast isn’t limited to money specifically, but it’s still useful if you’d like to improve your financial situation.

If you’re struggling to save more, earn more, invest more, etc. you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s actually your thoughts that are the problem (those thoughts are driving your feelings which are driving your behavior which leads to the results you get in your life).

Prior to listening to this podcast, I had the idea that life coaching was kind of goofy.  I saw it as a cult-like environment where the leader just tells you how awesome you are and gets you “pumped up” so that you’ll give them more money (think of someone who just has people repeat affirmations over and over).

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with this podcast.  Brooke Castillo has a background in psychology, and her approach is logical and practical.  I also have a degree in psychology, and I’m fascinated by how our brains work.

The Life Coach School is definitely worth listening to if you want to understand why we behave the way we do and how we can change the results we’re getting in our lives.

Favorite Episode: Why We Don’t Take Action

Changing Your Money Mindset

Each of these four podcasts will give you fresh a new perspective and change the way you view money.  More specifically:

The Dave Ramsey Show <- challenges the notion that debt is necessary and “normal” and encourages you to live below your means now so later you can live like no one else can

FIRE Drill <- discredits the idea that working a 9-5 job is necessary for success and instead recommends pursuing nontraditional methods to achieve financial independence and early retirement

Design Your Dream Life <- advises you to change your thoughts if you want to achieve your dream life (financially and otherwise)

The Life Coach School <- theorizes that your financial problems are a result of your thoughts (and provides a strong argument for this theory)


What are some of your favorite podcasts?