When my hubby told me he was thinking about buying a smart car, I was skeptical at first.  He was going to drive something that resembles a go-kart around on the highway?  In the snow??  That couldn’t be very safe, right?

After doing some research on the benefits of the smart car, we decided to buy one.  The transmission had died in my hubby’s old car, and it would’ve been an expensive fix.  For the same price we would’ve paid to get the transmission fixed, we were able to pay cash for a used smart car with 65,000 miles on it (compared to my hubby’s old car, which had nearly 200,000 miles).

The main reason we decided to buy a smart car was because it was cheap enough that we could pay cash for it, but we’ve found that owning a smart car has numerous other perks!  Here are five benefits of driving a smart car.

Easy to Park

Thanks to their tiny size, smart cars are ridiculously easy to park!  We will never have to worry about parallel parking again – the car is so small you could even park it the way this guy did.

Image courtesy of Reddit.

Conversation Starter

My hubby and I are total opposites when it comes to cars.  I couldn’t care less about cars, and I still drive the same boring beige “old lady” car that I’ve had since I was 20.  My hubby, on the other hand, loves cars and always ends up with a car that turns heads.

Our slow smart car is drastically different from The Pumpkin (my hubby’s previous car which was orange, fast, and supercharged), but like his prior vehicle, the smart car is far from boring.  I don’t think he will ever drive a car that isn’t unique!

Awesome Gas Mileage

The Pumpkin was a major gas guzzler, but smart cars famously get excellent gas mileage. Some smart cars get as many as 46.3 miles per gallon in the city and 68.9 miles per gallon on the highway.  The hubby will save a ton of money on gas!

Environmentally Friendly

The smart car is better on gas mileage than all other non-hybrid vehicles.  In addition to using less gas, the smart car is also constructed using innovative energy-efficient and recyclable materials.


While its small size is a disadvantage in some ways, the size also has a few perks.  Because it’s so small, the car warms up quickly in the winter – a huge benefit in Minnesota!  The windows are also smaller, which leads to less time being spent scraping ice off of the windows.

2 Reasons NOT to Get a Smart Car

While we’re happy with our decision to get a tiny vehicle, it’s not the best option for everyone.  Here are two things to consider before buying a smart car.


Smart cars actually have surprisingly good safety ratings.  Because of their small size, smart cars have special safety features in place – such as a steel frame (comparable to a helmet) and shatterproof “crash boxes”.

Image courtesy of ABC News. This is real and not photo shopped!

Still, smart cars are obviously at a disadvantage in the event of a crash because of their tiny size.  It’s up to you to decide whether or not you’re comfortable with that.

Not Family-Friendly

Our smart car is just big enough for my hubby and me (and maybe our pug).  There’s no room for anyone else and there’s minimal space for hauling anything.  We don’t mind this because we have my car to transport anything if needed, and we don’t plan on starting a family anytime soon.

If you have kids (or even big dogs) or need a car that can haul stuff, a smart car may not be the best option for you.

Would you ever consider buying a smart car?

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