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Today, there are more than enough online materials about making a steady side income from the comfort of your home. However, most of them are sales pitches and designed to convince readers to sign up for some training session, webinar and more.

Nonetheless, there are legitimate ways to make money in 2017 and most of them need a lot of dedication and work for you to see a return on your time investment. If you want to pay off debt this year or build your savings, consider these opportunities to boost your income.


Launching a personal blog is one of the most popular ways to earn a passive income. You just have to buy a domain name and then pay for hosting. Understand that blogging requires persistence, patience and discipline.

It could mean consistent writing for about a year before earning from it. Then, create great content that your audience would be interested in by making the topics you write about popular. After gaining a good following, you can start earning through the following ways:

Affiliate in the form of commissions. Numerous affiliate channels allow you to promote products and services on your site. It is important to ensure that the promoted services or products correlate with your blog.

For instance, if yours is a medical blog, it should be an affiliate partner for various medical practices. Once an affiliate partner is present, you are given a specific code so that, every time the link is clicked on by a visitor, you get a commission.

Advertisements. Once your site is strong enough to become an affiliate, it can also be perfect for the purchase of ads from advertisers. Advertising spots can be sold directly, and the owner of the site can also choose to sign up with different companies. You can only earn well if your site is a source of quality content.

Sponsors. It is different from the sale of ads on your webpage, and it could be a permanent logo or sponsored content embedded in the footer of your site.

Freelance Writing

It is a standard way of making extra cash. First, a resume, a portfolio, among other key details must be created. Unless you love writing and have proper grammar, do not travel down this road.

Although it can be highly profitable, it calls for dedication and time. After building your portfolio and your writing skills, start making money by working on popular sites such as iWriter, Uxbooth, among others.

Selling Products

With enough knowledge in a certain area, you can create information products such as videos or eBooks and sell them online to earn a passive income. The other option is to sell old stuff on Ebay.

Due to the existence of online auctions, the online market has been very popular. Before selling online, here are a few general tips to help you get started:

Step One. Create a PayPal account, which is the standard for receiving money online.

Step Two. Incorporate great photos that are clear enough to make your product stand out. You want your pictures, just like your product, to come across as professional.

Step Three. Embrace honesty. If the products you are selling are second hand, be truthful about any blemishes in them. This will help in keeping your reviews positive and reducing customer complaints.

Whether you plan to open an online store or sell on a small site, the customer service you offer matters. You want to gain positive reviews and build credibility. Be sure to respond to customer concerns and offer a guarantee when possible.

Earn Royalties

If you are a great author, artist or actor, you can earn royalties from what you do. It involves rewards that are offered by the public for the creative assets used.

Invest in Stocks

Investing in stocks makes you a stakeholder, entitling you to a good share of profits. With the help of the internet, it is easy to research and invest in the right stocks. Given that stocks keep changing, it is advisable to watch the trend of your preferred shares on the CMC markets.

One Last Thought

There are many viable options to start earning in 2017, and while the opportunities may seem many and exciting, it is advisable to protect yourself from fraud and stay away from shortcuts.

What is your favorite way to earn money online?

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