When I was in high school, I legitimately thought that I hated exercising.  I dreaded gym class every day – my lack of coordination made sports embarrassingly difficult, and every time we had to run the mile, I thought I was going to pass out.  It wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s that I discovered something my younger self would’ve thought was completely crazy: I love exercising.  Exercise is fun, it gives you endorphins (which drastically improve mood), and it makes you feel energized.

My problem in high school wasn’t that I was lazy or that I actually hated exercise – I just hadn’t found the right types of exercise for me.  I will probably never be a runner, and I hate (most) competitive sports, but there are still plenty of other ways to exercise!

If you want to get in shape but you can’t stand spending an hour on a treadmill, try out some of these fun ways to work out!


Group Fitness Classes – with the music blaring, group classes provide a fun, high energy environment to work out in.  The classes are non-competitive and it doesn’t matter if you do every move perfectly.  The point is to have fun and keep moving!  My Zumba instructor started our first class by saying “When in doubt, shake it!”


Cardio Kickboxing



Body Pump

Boot Camp

Turbo Kick







PiYo (Pilates/Yoga combo)


Dancing – dancing is a more creative (and less boring) form of exercise, it improves flexibility, and it provides you with both aerobic (jumping, swaying) and anaerobic (lifting, balancing) movements.

Belly Dancing

Salsa Dancing

Swing Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Ballet Dancing

Modern Dance

Hip-Hop Dance

Dance Dance Revolution


The Great Outdoors – enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh air while getting an awesome workout!

Power Walking







Ice Skating


Scuba Diving


Water Skiing


Adventurous – for the daredevils, these are some adrenaline-packed ways to exercise.


Rock Climbing


AcroYoga (Acrobatics/Yoga combo)

Cliff Jumping

Whitewater Rafting


Cross Fit



Hang Gliding

Mountain Biking



Silly and Fun – some of these might seem silly, but these activities will keep you moving (and laughing)!

Hula Hooping

Jump Roping

Go on a color run – the happiest kind of 5k!

Playing Hopscotch

Have a snowball fight

Have a water fight

Play paintball

Roller Skating


You don’t need to spend an hour on the treadmill every day to get in shape.  Whatever you decide to do, just keep moving!


What’s your favorite fun way to exercise?


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