There’s something so romantic about autumn, isn’t there? It’s not just the season of pumpkin spice after all. Between the crispness of the air, the fall foliage, and that first snuggle session in front of a roaring fire, there’s nothing that spells romance better than this season.

Don’t wait for winter to come along and take it all away—get outside with your significant other and enjoy it. Need some inspiration? Read on for six picture perfect fall date ideas that don’t break the bank. And, yes, pumpkin spice lattes are a perfectly acceptable accompaniment.

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Get Up and Get Out

Winter’s colder temperatures approach, so you’ll want to grab your honey and get out into the crisp fall weather before it’s too late. Take a drive to see some fall foliage. While there, go for a hike. If you’re so inclined, bring a backpack filled with all the accouterments for a picnic. Whether it’s sliced apples, cheese and crackers, or sandwiches, your special someone will appreciate the effort.

Don’t forget the wine—that is, if the hike isn’t overly challenging! Even better, make it an overnight date by camping. If you and/or your date aren’t super jazzed by the idea of sleeping on the ground, you might consider glamping! Either way, make sure you bring plenty of warm clothes and sit by the fire to snuggle.

Gear Up for Halloween

We can’t let kids have all the fun, right? There’s nothing like an amazing adult costume party, complete with devilish decorations and spiked punch with the spooky dry ice effect. If you’re throwing one of these or if you and your guy or gal has been lucky enough to get invited to such a fete, it’s time to have some fun with your costumes.

Whether you’re the DIY type or you prefer to go with matching Halloween costumes that have already been made for ease, there’s nothing better than getting that initial look of amusement from fellow partygoers.

Go Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Nothing says autumn better than a day of pumpkin or apple picking. If you hit a fall festival, you could also get lost in a maze or take a romantic hayride.

Prolong the date into the evening hours as you take what you’ve reaped from the apple picking and make it into a pie. If you’re now stocked with pumpkins, let your creative and competitive juices flow with a friendly pumpkin carving contest. Once it gets dark, put tea lights inside and see who’s done the best job.

Go for Football Fandom

Even if you’re not a huge college or NFL fan, there’s nothing quite like a date at a game. Between the loud music, the raucous tailgating, and the seemingly never-ending after-parties, this is a day you’d likely never forget.

Whether you get tickets to go see your local professional team or you grab your significant other to go watch your alma mater play, a football date can be much more romantic than you think! If you’re not into football but your honey is, you’ll score extra points for taking one for the team—pun intended.

Wine Tasting For the Win

Fall is an amazing time to go wine tasting, as many vineyards throw elaborate harvest festivals. Sniff, sip, and swirl like a sommelier as you take in the sights around you, as every winery has gorgeous scenery in the vicinity.

You can often even go horseback riding while on a tour! If you forego the ponies, make sure you grab an Uber, a limo, or hit a bus tour—it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Let’s Hear it For Horror Movies

Whether you’re a fan or not, this is the perfect time of year for scary films. Hit one of the “fancy” theaters by you for a special night out, or consider doing an outdoor movie night in your own backyard, complete with a bonfire. Either way, there will be little space between you both when it comes time for the scariest scenes.

Pick any of these fall date ideas and enjoy some romance before those cooler temperatures send us scrambling indoors.

What is your favorite fall date?

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