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Date nights are essential to any healthy relationship, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy for your bank account. Here are a few great ideas for spending quality time with your partner and sparing your bank account in the process.

Star Gazing

Grab a blanket and head outside. On a clear night, you and your significant other can sit under the stars and find constellations. Need a little help? Use an app like Star Tracker to guide you in the right direction.

Brewery or Winery Tour

Whether in the day or at night, visiting a local brewery or winery is a must. Usually these tours are free and include complimentary sips of their product.

Let’s be honest. Getting to see how your favorite beer is brewed or wine is harvested is great, but getting free drinks and spending quality time with your partner is the best.


Move aside, movies. One of the most classic date night activities has to be visiting carnivals. Take a stroll around the fun and freaky, grab a funnel cake, and ride the Ferris wheel together.

Talk about a fun and romantic way to spend a date night. Plus, it isn’t as expensive as going to a fancy dinner together.

Hello Hiking

Get ready to hit the trails! While this isn’t a nighttime activity, hiking is a cost effective way to spend quality time with your honey. Scale a mountain for beautiful views and burn a few calories too.

Want to add a little spice to your hike? Turn it into a treasure hunt by searching for geocaches along the way.

Nostalgic Movie Night

Pull out your favorite movies from the ’80s and ’90s! Have a nostalgic movie night with your partner. You can share your favorite old movies with them and learn more about their favorites. It’s a great way to bond while saving precious dough (see what we did there?)

Cook Together

While cooking together is probably something you do often, try making this everyday routine special. Plan the menu of something you don’t usually cook.

Do the shopping together and then make the meal while drinking glasses of wine. You could even set the table with candles and the good china instead of sitting in front of the TV.

Coffee and Dessert

Who says you need to save dessert for after dinner? Instead of spending a fortune on a nice dinner, take your partner to a local coffee shop for a couple of cups of coffee or tea. You can even split a piece of pie (or any pastry). It’s a cozy alternative to dinner.

What is your favorite frugal date night activity?

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