I love yoga.  It’s challenging and has numerous physical benefits – it makes you more flexible, it makes stretching easier, and it strengthens your muscles.  It has plenty of mental benefits as well.  I leave yoga feeling centered, calm, and refreshed.

The first time I tried yoga was during a week-long free trial at a yoga studio. I wanted to keep going to classes, but I was disappointed when I saw how expensive the studio’s packages were.  I couldn’t afford to spend that much on yoga while my husband and I are working on paying off six figures of debt in just three years.  Luckily, there are several ways to do yoga for free!  Here are 9 ways to get free yoga classes.

Free Trials

Many yoga studios offer a free week-long trial with no obligation to sign up for a membership.  When my husband and I did this, I went a couple of times and he went to hot yoga all seven days in a row (that sounds too intense for me)!  The same studio also offers free outdoor classes once in a while in order to try to attract more members.  Many gyms also offer free week-long trials.  Some of these trial runs include group fitness classes (like yoga) as well.

Classes by Nonprofit Groups

I have attended free outdoor yoga classes offered by several nonprofit groups.  One of the classes was a little unusual (it was on the street downtown, we leap frogged over others’ yoga mats, and there was an awkward part when we had to hold hands with strangers).  I probably wouldn’t attend a class held by that particular nonprofit again, but I’ve had great experiences with other nonprofits.  One of the groups held a class at my alma mater, so it was fun to take a walk down memory lane and do some yoga at the same time.


Yoga on the street downtown – class held by a nonprofit group.

Classes by Yoga Instructors

A private yoga instructor in my area offers free group classes once in a while at different outdoor and indoor locations.  Her class is interesting because it’s a “slower”, even more relaxing form of yoga.  I found out about her classes through Facebook.


Tree pose.

Holy Yoga

Many churches have started offering “holy yoga” courses.  Holy yoga is not limited to one denomination – I’ve attended classes at a few different churches.  Holy yoga incorporates elements of Christianity into the practice of yoga, and it’s typically open to Christians and non-Christians alike.  The main differences between “regular” yoga and holy yoga are that the music played during holy yoga is Christian music, and during “resting” periods (child’s pose, etc.), the instructor may talk about God and Jesus.  The classes are typically free – there may be a “suggested” donation, but it is not required.


Holy yoga.


Some colleges offer free yoga classes (and other fitness classes) to students and staff members.  I recently found out that my alma mater offers free yoga, Pilates and tai chi courses  – I wish I had known that when I was still in college or grad school!

Participate in Research

Did you know that you can participate in free yoga classes as part of a research study?  I recently saw an advertisement for this on my local news station.  The University of Minnesota is conducting a study on the effects of yoga on blood pressure and stress levels.  The U of M is seeking participants who are African American, female, get little to no exercise, and consider themselves overweight.  Participants get 12 weeks of free yoga classes!

Work for a Fitness Company

If you get a side job or a full-time corporate gig for a yoga studio or a gym, you may be entitled to a discounted or free membership.  I work for a fitness company, and my husband and I both get a free gym membership (which includes group fitness classes).  This is an awesome benefit!

Search on Facebook

Check out Facebook to find free yoga classes in your area.  Many studios and instructors offer free classes on occasion.  “Like” their Facebook pages so you’ll be in the loop when free events are offered.

At Home

Once you’ve done yoga at least a few times, you start to learn many of the moves.  You can then do yoga at home.  All you need to do is find some relaxing music on YouTube and get out your yoga mat (you can find a mat at Walmart or Target for $5-$10).  Some of the easier poses to learn are downward dog, cobra, table top, child’s pose, cat/cow, warrior, and pigeon.


Downward dog.

A final note!

If you enjoy yoga and you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to pay for an overpriced membership at a trendy yoga studio.  Check out one (or several) of these ways to get free yoga classes instead.  In addition to saving money, you’ll also experience more variety in the types of yoga that you participate in.  I’ve been to intense, “athletic” classes, and I’ve been to slower-paced, less challenging courses as well.  I’ve had a variety of different types of instructors, and I’ve learned a ton of different yoga poses.  It’s been an interesting and frugal experience!