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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or frustrated with your life?

Maybe you had always imagined that you’d have everything together by now, but that’s just not the reality you’re living.

When I turned 26, I looked around at my life and thought “how did I get here?”  I was only a few years away from my thirties, and my life was not all what I’d imagined it would be.

Everything was a mess.

I was buried in student loan debt, I hated my job, my pay was a joke, I was more overweight than I’d ever been, my relationships were strained and filled with drama, and my anxiety was out of control.

To top it off, I lived in my parents’ basement.

I was miserable and I didn’t know if things would ever get better.

At first, I blamed everyone else.  Society, the government, my parents, other people…that was easier than taking a look in the mirror.

Then I read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and had an epiphany.

I figured out that my problem was… me.

For most of my life, I had been living without intention.  I just did what I thought was “normal”.

Go to college, then grad school, take on a bunch of debt, buy a lot of stuff, spend five figures on a wedding.

That’s just what everyone does, right?

I realized that if I wanted to get my life on track, I needed to stop caring what other people think.  As Dave Ramsey says, “Debt is normal.  Be weird.”

I decided to stop blaming other people for my problems and to take responsibility for them.  This allowed me to finally change my life.

It’s crazy how much has changed since my 26th birthday.

My husband and I are debt-free (aside from our mortgage), we own a home, we have two adorable pugs, we both have jobs we enjoy, our combined income has almost doubled, I lost 35 pounds, my relationships are so much better, and my anxiety is more well-managed than ever before.

Most importantly, I came to faith in Jesus Christ.  As a result, I found a type of peace, hope, and joy that I had never experienced before.

If someone had told me that my life would like this in 2020, I never would’ve believed them.

I didn’t get here by accident, luck, or coincidence.

I lived with intention, and you can too.

My mission is to help you design the exact life you want.

Are you craving a life with less debt, less anxiety, less busyness…along with more time, more peace, and more fulfillment?

You’re in the right place.

Ready to change your life?

Let’s do this!

This song lyric sums up the purpose of this blog nicely…

“Lay down, lay down your old chains.  Come now, take up your new name.  Your best life up ahead now.” – Casting Crowns


  • A place to find encouragement, inspiration, and practical tips to help you as you design an intentional, purpose-driven life.
  • A place where faith, personal development, and psychology can coexist. I am a Christian.  I also have a degree in psychology and a passion for personal development.  These things aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • A space free of judgment and mean-spirited behavior.  The world has enough critics already.  Be the light :)


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In Christ,

Jen Hayes