In March, I shared my goals for the month, which were mainly focused on finances, fitness, and faith.  I hit many of my goals, but I’m struggling with a few of them and look to hit these with my April goals.

Here are my April goals!  What are yours?  Share in the comments!  After April is over, I’ll give you an update on how I did!


  1. Last month I put an extra $1,500 toward my student loans – I didn’t think this would be possible, but I did it!  My April goal is to keep this up by putting at least $1,500 extra toward my student loans again.  I received a raise (starting this month), so I’m going to aim for $1,700, but we’ll see how it goes.
  2. Continue the three-year spending ban.


  1. Submit two guest posts to blogs with more than 500,000 page views per month.  I want to double the number of page views I receive per month, so I need to put my blog “out there”.
  2. Increase number of page views per month.
  3. Improve Pinterest strategy.

Health & Fitness

  1. I sprained my ankle a week ago, and it’s not completely healed yet.  Try using the stationary bike for a week or so, and then switch back to using the treadmill daily once my ankle is fully healed.
  2. “Write the alphabet” with both of my ankles daily once the sprained ankle has healed.  It sounds silly, but my step aunt told me that she used to sprain her ankle often, and ever since she started doing this, she hasn’t sprained an ankle since!  This is the second time I’ve sprained my ankle (the same ankle) in the past 6 months.
  3. Once my ankle is healed, go to free yoga classes at least 1x per week (aiming for 2x per week).
  4. Continue working out 6 days per week once the ankle is fully healed – do strength training at least 2x per week.
  5. Stop having cheat meals/snacks (pizza is my weakness) until I lose another 15 pounds.
  6. Start having 60-calorie soup (it’s actually very filling!) for dinner at least 3x per week.


  1.  Read the Bible for at least 15 minutes daily on the She Reads Truth app.
  2.  Attend weekly church service. 

What are your April goals?