Landline is on the brink of becoming irrelevant or dead completely. Currently, more than 15% of households depend on mobile, and they have a landline that comes with their broadband connection. These landlines are hardly used, and the broadband connection is only used for the internet connection.

Users can save a significant amount of money per month or annually by purchasing a broadband package that does not have a landline.

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Fiber Broadband

Nowadays, there are options that have been developed to help users connect to the internet without necessary having a landline. Fiber broadband is a good option that is supplied through cables that are separate from the landline network to households.

This means that users can access the internet without an active landline and enjoy a much faster connection. Fiber optic broadband comes in two different packages.

Fiber to the premises (FTTP), which is known as the pure fiber, supplies super fast connection directly to your premises through a fiber optic cable. The availability of this option is limited, and it is more costly compared to FTTC and standard broadband.

The second option is Fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) which a fiber optic cables that supply connection to a cabinet in the streets. The broadband is then connected to the homes using copper phone wires. This option is slow compared to FTTP, but it is less expensive and widely available.

Comparing Packages

Most of the broadband suppliers include rental fees in the packages for the landline even you if you cancel or don’t use your landline. Choosing the right broadband package depends on your internet needs.

For heavy internet users who are live streaming and downloading a large amount of data, the super fast broadband connection is required that comes with a landline connection.

Therefore such packages can force the user to have a landline and they use it all. Comparing different packages can offer the user a glimpse of how much they can save by purchasing a package without a landline. Mobile phone connection and satellite connection are other options that can be considered for internet connection.

However, these connections are slower compared to a broadband connection, and they are only suitable for light internet users.

The line rental fee for a broadband connection with landline phones is the significant cost that users end up paying even without using the phone at all. These fees can be avoided and safe these cost and use it on purchasing faster packages.

Broadband providers are competition with each other in the market, and this has created an opportunity to introduce packages without landlines. The cost of each package varies according to each provider.

Users demand the provider to disclose all the costs associated with the package before purchasing it. The disclosure of the landline fees should give the user an insight of how much the landline would cost them in a month or per year and how much they can save if they choose an option without a landline.

Big Savings

According to the broadband option that a client chooses, they can save between 10 to 25 dollars per month and around 200 dollars per year if they choose a connection without a landline. This amount varies from the provider, and it can change according to the current tariffs in the market.

Most of the clients are relying on a phone-less broadband connection that has forced providers to scrap the landline. The cost of the packages is expected to fall significantly as new methods are introduced to supply the broadband connection to households.

Another factor that can influence the amount the user can save by using a phone less connection is the deals that are available in the area. Some areas are only connected to old ADSL that has a landline connection. In such scenarios, users have no option of avoiding the landline, and they have to pay the rental fee.

However, they can still save by not using the phone to receive and make calls at all. Users can also choose to cancel their landline with the provider if they don’t use it at all.

Do you still have a landline?

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