If you’ve been reading Frugal Millennial for a while now, then you know that my hubby and I are living with my parents until our student loans are paid off in 2018.  Because we don’t own a home, I rarely share posts related to decorating or home renovation.

Luckily, we have awesome guest posters who can share tips on related topics such as sprucing up your space on a budget and DIY accent glass tile fitting.  Enjoy the post below from Ella of Man With a Van Barnet Ltd. and let us know your thoughts!  Have you ever tried fitting glass bathroom tiles yourself?


Home renovation is both an art and a science. Home refurbishment that utilizes glass bathroom tiles are a perfect example of that. The first thing you should do is find the right moving company to help you move the glass tiles. They are quite fragile and you will need to get proper movers on the job, with a large removal van to ensure that the tiles won’t get damaged.

Prep Work

After the removal services are finished, time to start with the prep work. All glass tiles should be fitted around the bath and tub. Installing a glass tile accent wall is simple but takes up a whole lot of time and effort. Always keep in mind that employing a handyman can erase some of the headache that comes with the laborious task.

Employing a handyman who comes with tools and preparatory skills will make tile fittings a one time thing and a less time-consuming task, though it will surely cost you more than doing it yourself. Adding value is something most homeowners want and now they can use glass tiles to add variety and design to their permanent fixtures, accented glass tiles. For those who want to install these tiles themselves, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting Started

First, make measurements for the space to be fitted with glass tiles. Measure up to allow for a grout line. Then make sure you acquire tools for installation: a flat-head screwdriver, level, marker, shims and plywood. Measure out to determine the size of the sheets.

Draw a level guideline to get a uniform look and spread the adhesive onto the walls. Do not apply plastic shims to fill in any space. Cut all sheets to the proper size. Lay the tile sheets with a knife to make straight lines. Stack tiles against each other and add more of the sheet for difficult corners.

When it comes to the area around windows, a utility knife is the perfect implement to fashion tile mesh as close to the windows as possible. After this, overflowing mastic should be immediately removed. It dries before you are about to set smaller tiles so scrape with a flathead screwdriver to remove excess mastic.

Finishing Touches

You could end it all with a thorough cleaning in order to remove all the excess waste from the floor and have it start off clean. You might also want to stay away from it for a while.

Now you have upgraded your home with beautiful glass accent bathroom tiles minus the headache of a handyman who may cost you an arm and a leg! So just find the proper movers and then apply this safe method and you will be fine.

Enjoy the beautiful new tiles!


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