Everyone is likely to find themselves in a position, at some point or another, where they want to buy their first home.

And,  when you find yourself coming close to passing the life milestone that is buying and moving into your first home, it would be prudent to know as much as you can about first-time home buying.

Here are a few tips on purchasing your first home!

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Choose Where You Move to Wisely

Every heard the phrase “location, location, location”?

One of the most important things you can do when buying your first home is being prudent in regards to choosing the geographical location of where this home is placed, especially if you are relocating by some distance.


The first thing you should look for when it comes to deciding where your first home is going to be is just how much its geographical area is going to make your day-to-day, everyday life easier. You need to look at things like how close this potential home is to your place of work. You need to assess how easy your journey to work will be made by you moving into this home, i.e. what the traffic route between it and your place of work is like or what the local public transport services offer.


You need to do some research into the local schools, if you either have children now or plan to start a family in the foreseeable future. And you need to look at the local crime rates and determine if this location is suitable in regards to not only being safe, but you feeling safe too.

Natural Disasters

But, you shouldn’t just look at the man-made impacts on the area. No, you should also look at just how prone the area you are to potentially move into is to being subjected to natural disasters. For instance, in this day and age — what with rising water levels — is it really a good idea to move to a place that is prone to flooding?

Yes, the home of your dreams may be sat next to a river that looks subdued and has been subdued for many, many year. But, what’s saying that river will always be subdued and calm? And who can truly tell if it will ever rise and flood? For these reasons, you should take moving next to a river or into an area that could be subjected to other natural disasters, such as rock fall, very, very seriously.

Choosing the location of the first home you will ever buy is incredibly important, so you must be wise when you do it. And doing it has been made easier than ever before, thanks in part mainly to the rise of websites that are dedicated entirely to promoting and showcasing homes for sale in specific areas, such as http://rumahdijual.com/ that does so for homes in Indonesia.

These types of sites cluster all the homes that are for sale in the same geographical location together so that they are easy to compare for potential home buyers like yourself. So, make sure you use these sites and make sure you are as wise as you can be when it comes to choosing the location of your home.

Once Moved in, Be Frugal

Unfortunately, life is just as much about expenses as it is about income. And, when you buy your first home you’ll soon find that you’ll have more expenses to contend with than you ever have done before.

Even after the down payment you probably paid on your new home, you’ll still have a mortgage. Also, you’ll have more bills than ever before to pay for too. For these reasons, once moved into your first home you need to seriously cut back on your spending and you need to begin to start sacrificing things you’ve had all your life.

This cutting back could entail being as frugal as you can when it comes to grocery shopping. This could mean being ‘all adult’ and going shopping with a shopping list in hand. What’s more, this could mean NEVER buying anything that is not on this list, even if there are deals enticing you to do so.

Yes, deals are good and should be taken advantage of, but only if they are deals that help you to save money on groceries that were put on your list in the first place. What you should also do is be wise when it comes to planning your grocery shopping trips; you should head to the shops as close to your payday as you can in order to help yourself keep a tighter grip on what you can and cannot spend.

Save Money on Insurance

What you should also aim to do is be as frugal as you can with all the new insurances you will have to take out now that you’re a homeowner. Yes, you may only ever have had to contend with car insurances, gadget insurance and the occasional travel insurance. And yes, your parents may ever have been the one to sort these insurances out for you in the past.

But, now that you’re a homeowner the task of insuring your home falls to you, so you need to do it. And you need to do is as frugally as you can if you are serious about successfully circumventing the financial challenges of being a first-time home buyer. Specifically, this means saving on your home insurance as much as you can by taking the advice laid out here.

This involves combining this insurances with other necessary insurances in your life, such as your car insurance, in order to tap into bundle deals. This also involves being as loyal as can be to a particular insurer in order to induce loyalty discounts and even cash back prizes.

One Last Thought

Being a first-time home buyer is an important stage in a person’s life. And because it’s so important, a lot of thought and effort needs to go into it. Much thought needs to go into choosing the right geographical area to move in to and much of effort needs to go into successfully circumventing the financial restrictions that are now in place because of the move.

What tips do you have for first-time home buyers?

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