Do you have a frugal friend, family member, or significant other?  If you’re looking for ideas for a holiday gift for him or her, choose something that will help them to save money!  Frugal people love to save a little extra cash whenever they can.

Here are 20 perfect gifts for the frugal person in your life.

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1. Gift Cards – what could be better than a gift card?  A gift card for gas, Target, or groceries may seem a little boring, but frugal people love practical gifts.

Give them a gift card for someplace practical (where they’d shop anyway) and that puts a little money back in their budget for other important stuff – like paying off debt or building savings.

2. Restaurant or Movie Theater Gift Cards – Frugal people, especially those who are trying to get out of debt, may not treat themselves to evenings out very often.

Get them a restaurant or movie theater gift card so they can enjoy a night out with their spouse guilt-free.

3. Keurig – Our Keurig is our favorite, most-used wedding gift.  It can be used to make coffee (for my mom), tea (for my hubby), or hot chocolate (my favorite).

This is a great idea for a frugal person trying to kick his expensive Starbucks habit!

4. A Slow Cooker – I eat a (mostly) whole food diet, which means it’s easy to spend way more than I want to on groceries.  I’ve been trying to find ways to cut my grocery costs and one thing that’s been helping is cutting back on microwaveable meals and instead cooking in bulk.

On a Sunday, I’ll make all of my dinners for the week, which saves me money (and time during the week).  Slow cooker meals are delicious and super easy to make (a definite bonus for those of us who hate to cook!).  Our slow cooker is another one of our favorite gifts from our wedding.

5. Personal Finance Books – Frugal people love to learn ways to save and manage their money better!  My favorite money-related books include The Total Money Makeover, Love Your Life Not Theirs, and You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life.

6. A Netflix Subscription or Roku Box – Who doesn’t love Netflix?  It’s much cheaper than cable and it offers a plethora of TV shows and movies.  If you know someone who’s cutting cable but doesn’t have a smart TV, a great option for them would be a Roku Box.

One of these would allow them to stream Netflix without buying a pricey smart TV.

7. Fitness Supplies – a gym membership at a fancier gym can cost $50-$100/month.  Working out at home is much cheaper – you just need a few basic supplies.  These can include free weights, a yoga mat, exercise ball, and/or resistance band.

8. A FitBit – some health insurance companies offer reward programs that allow members to earn points for engaging in healthy behaviors.  My program syncs with my FitBit and I earn points for every 1,000 steps I walk.  These points can then be redeemed for cool stuff, like Amazon or Target gift cards.

9. A DIY Spa Kit – do you know someone who loves to treat themselves to manicures or spa days but also wants to save money?

These things are quite expensive, but the good news is it’s possible to DIY at home.  Give your giftee a DIY manicure kit so they can do their acrylic nails themselves.

10. A Wii – Wii games can be a ton of fun for the entire family, and there are so many options to choose from.  Try Wii bowling or boxing!

This will allow the family to have a great time without going out to play actual bowling or mini golf (which could be expensive with several people playing).

11. Rechargeable Batteries – So many things are powered by batteries these days, and batteries die.  With rechargeable batteries, your gift recipient can save a ton of money.

12. A Groupon – Give the gift of experience with a fun Groupon.  Buy tickets to an aerial fitness class, a painting class, an escape room package, or a weekend getaway.

13. GradSave Gift Card – Looking for a great gift for a kid or teenager?  Give directly to his/her 529 college savings plan with a GradSave gift card.  They can withdraw the money tax-free once they start college.

14. Smart Strip – This energy-saving power strip saves money and makes like more convenient when your power outlets are limited.

15. Board games –  My husband and I love having game nights with friends.  They’re fun and they don’t cost a thing!  Our favorite games are Telestrations, Catch Phrase, HedBanz, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

What is your favorite gift for a frugal person?

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