If you know anyone who has a pug, you know that pug people are a little crazy about their dogs.  A pug parent just has to have all sorts of pug-related items around their house.  I personally own pug socks, yoga pants, a window decal, magnets, t-shirts, a sweater and pug mugs.  Despite my frugality, I can’t resist pug stuff.

Here are 20 perfect holiday gifts for pug lovers.

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1. This adorable scarf.

2. These mugs for your favorite pug parents.

3. These cute pug socks.

4. The best towel on the beach.

5. This t-shirt for the pug lover who’s also a Harry Potter nerd.

6. This yoga mat carrier for the pug loving yogi.

7. This pugly Christmas sweater for a pug dad.

8. This Doug the Pug calendar for anyone who loves the King of Pop Culture.

9. This ridiculously cute tank top featuring pugs doing yoga.

10. This equally adorable tank top with yoga pugs.

11. This Pug-opoly game for the board game loving pug owner.

12. This pug cookie cutter.

13. This iPhone case.

14. This pug love necklace.

15. This onesie for the pug parents who have a human baby too.

16. This pug beauty case.

17. For the truly crazy pug people (like me!) who have birthday parties for their pug, these are the perfect napkins/plates!

18. This pug life t-shirt.

19. This book about a ridiculous little black pug.

20. This artsy pug pillow.

What’s your favorite pug gift?

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