What if you could volunteer for a nonprofit organization and earn money to pay off your student loans at the same time?

Wouldn’t that be cool?

It’s now possible.

Sponsor Change, a nonprofit organization, began with two simple questions: “What can we do to increase volunteerism?” and “Why do many people choose not to volunteer?” The creators of Sponsor Change conducted extensive research and concluded that volunteering is a privilege that many millennials cannot afford.

Because of massive student loan debt in the U.S. (which has hit 1.2 trillion dollars – more than the entire GDP of Australia), many recent college grads work multiple jobs, run their own businesses on the side, or find other ways to earn a little extra income – just to make ends meet.

The founders of Sponsor Change realized that they could increase volunteerism among millennials by rewarding volunteers with direct student loan payments.

Here’s how it works: nonprofits list open volunteer positions on the Sponsor Change website, volunteers land positions, and citizen philanthropists provide funding (student loan payments) to volunteers.

It’s a win-win-win:

  • Nonprofits land skilled volunteers to provide much-needed assistance with projects.
  • Philanthropist sponsors help to increase volunteerism and reduce student loan debt – two worthwhile causes.
  • Volunteers, aka “Change Agents”, receive direct student loan payments and have the opportunity to give back to their communities.


Would you be interested in registering with Sponsor Change as a volunteer, nonprofit employer, or philanthropist?  Why or why not?