Overall, May was a much better month than April.  I made more progress on my financial (and other) goals in May, and I felt a lot better physically and mentally.  I’m looking forward to what June will bring, and here are my June 2016 goals!

Here are my June 2016 Goals:


-Make an extra payment on my student loans (not sure yet how much this will be – I’m aiming for at least $1,000 but we’ll see how it goes).   We will have some extra expenses in June due to becoming pug parents!

-Continue having weekly budget meetings with the hubby.


-Submit at least two pitches for guest posts or freelance writing.

-Increase number of page views per month.  My page views for May were up from April, but they’re still not as high as I’d like them to be.  My goal is to double my current number – that would put me about right where I need to be in order to get serious about monetizing this blog.

Health and Fitness

-Continue exercising 6 days per week on the treadmill and going to free yoga classes twice per week.  Start going for long walks with the hubby on a regular basis now that the weather is warm.

-Stop having cheat meals, buckle down on my diet, and lose the 5 pounds that I gained recently.

Relationships & Faith

-Plan one (free) date night once every other month with the hubby.  Since we started the three year spending ban, we’ve still been getting together with friends often to do free things, but we’ve been neglecting date nights.

-Be more assertive (without being rude) with a few people in my life.

-Continue attending weekly church services and reading the Bible daily on the She Reads Truth app.

-When I’m tempted to vent, complain, or obsess about how to “fix” certain issues in my life, try praying about these issues instead of venting to someone or worrying about it.  When I don’t know what to do about something, ask God to help me find answers.

Do you have any exciting plans for June?  Share in the comments!


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