In February, I shared my goals for the month, which were mainly focused on health – physical, mental, and spiritual. On this leap day (happy 22nd birthday to my grandmother-in-law!), I’m making plans for March.  This month, I plan to focus more on financial and blogging-related goals.

Here are my goals for March!  What are yours?  Share in the comments!  After March is over, I’ll give you an update on how I did!


Now that March is ending, here are my comments (in red) on how I did.


  1.  Put at least $1,000 extra toward my student loans (aiming for $1,500 but we’ll see how this month goes).  PASS!  I was able to do $1,500!  Woo-hoo!  I’m making major progress on the debt snowball.
  2. Continue the three year spending ban.  PASS!


  1. Write a guest post on another blog.  Approach at least 2 other bloggers about guest posting on their websites.  PASS! I guest posted about burnout & the emotional side of debt on two of my favorite blogs – The Budget Mama and Six Figures Under.  Jessi and Stephanie (who is also climbing out of massive student loan debt) are both so inspiring and it was an honor to write on their websites.  My money story was also featured on Clever Girl Finance this month.
  2. Continue commenting regularly on other blogs and developing relationships with other bloggers. PASS!
  3. Post 2-3x per week.  PASS!  I’ve been making a habit of posting on Mondays and Wednesdays every week (and occasionally on Fridays or Sundays also).
  4. Improve Pinterest strategy.  FAIL.  This is one I’m struggling with – I love Pinterest for personal use, but for business, it’s still somewhat mystifying to me.
  5. Increase number of page views per month. PASS!  I’ve made it about halfway to my short-term goal!
  6. Earn income from my blog.  PASS!  I haven’t earned much yet, but it’s a start.  I need to focus on continuing to grow my audience before I can really start monetizing the blog.

Health & Fitness

  1. Continue exercising daily during the week (cardio 3x per week, strength training 2x per week).  FAIL.  I exercise daily, but it’s often just walking.  I need to focus on increasing the intensity of my cardio workouts, and I need to make strength training a bigger priority.  I take a medication that makes me pretty tired, and I haven’t had much energy lately.
  2. Go to Zumba, spin, or yoga once per week.  PASS!  I’ve started going to free yoga classes once per week.  I sprained my ankle again yesterday (ugh), so I’ll probably have to skip working out for a week or two :(
  3. Stop eating chocolate protein bars.  FAIL.  I love chocolate.


  1.  Read the Bible for at least 10 minutes every day on the She Reads Truth app (I keep this goal small so I can’t say I’m too busy – there is no good excuse for not being able to read for 10 minutes/day).  PASS (for the most part).  I’ve skipped a few days, but I’ve read for at least 10 minutes almost every day this month.
  2.  Attend weekly church service.  PASS!  I didn’t want to go today (on Easter) because I sprained my ankle last night and wasn’t feeling up to it, but my hubby talked me in to going and I’m so glad I went.  It was a beautiful service.
  3. Attend at least one holy yoga class (I tried holy yoga for the first time recently and really enjoyed it).  PASS!  I’ve been enjoying this a lot (and it’s free), so I plan to make it a weekly habit.

How did you do on your goals for March?