There are many negative stereotypes about millennials.  We’re often classified as lazy, entitled, and immature.  I don’t agree with these stereotypes.  Of course, there are a few millennials out there who fit these stereotypes, but there are more who don’t.

Many millennials are working their asses off, paying off debt, starting their own businesses, and building wealth.  Here are 10 inspiring career and lifestyle blogs for millennial women.  These incredible ladies are killing it!

Gen Y Girl

Kayla is passionate about helping young professionals navigate their way through their first few years in the workforce.  She is the author of The Corporate Survival Guide for Your 20s.  Kayla’s blog posts are funny, engaging, and packed full of useful tips.  Check out her popular post How to Be Rich in Your Twenties.

Millennial Boss

Julie’s mission is to help other professionals get ahead in their careers, get out of debt, and build wealth.  She recently paid off $89,000 of debt in just 18 months – yes, you read that correctly!  Julie has been promoted multiple times and has increased her income by 600%.

Broke Millennial

Erin writes about “learning to become a fiscally responsible member of Generation ‘Me’”.  She graduated from college debt-free, and she has been increasing her net worth ever since (while living in expensive New York City).  Erin is the Content Director for Magnify Money and is the author of a forthcoming book – Broke Millennial #BrokeNoMore.

The Motivated Millennial

Hannah is a millennial author, consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and professor.  She believes that entrepreneurship is the key to rebuilding the economy and hopes to inspire other millennials to pursue self-employment.  Hannah offers PR/marketing consulting services and owns and operates a first-generation farm.  The Motivated Millennial blog is full of helpful tips for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The Wellness Millennial

Kelly is a certified yoga instructor with a master’s degree in nutrition.  She writes about health, fitness, wellness, and traveling.  Check out How Instagram Ruined My Relationship With Yoga.


This site takes a fun, sometimes snarky look at becoming an adult.  Adulting covers a variety of topics,  including relationships, careers, and money.  Check out What It’s Like to Have Anxiety and Survive Your Long-Distance Relationship.

The Confused Millennial

Rachel is a millennial career and business coach who takes a “no bullshit” approach to her site – hence the name “The Confused Millennial”.  As she puts it, she “has no idea what she’s doing and decided to just say f*ck it, let’s get real.”   TCM is a lifestyle blog dedicated to millennial advice on life, relationships, careers, business, fashion, and beauty.  Rachel offers an Instagame course that helps students to brand themselves as influencers on Instagram.

Adjusting 2 Adulthood

A2A is a blog for twenty something readers who are figuring out how to “adult”.  Kendra is passionate about self-development and personal growth.  She enjoys helping others to live their best lives.  Like me, she has a background in HR, is a total introvert, and loves animals.

Classy Career Girl

Anna helps women who are bored at their day jobs to launch their dream careers and businesses. CCG was named by Forbes as one of the top 35 most influential career sites of 2014.  The blog includes a  variety of topics, such as job search tips, entrepreneurship, leadership, fashion, and money.

Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie’s site is not geared specifically toward millennials, but it’s one of the best blogs out there on career advice and all things HR.  Laurie is a former HR leader turned speaker, writer, and consultant.  She is the author of I am HR: 5 Strategic Ways to Break Stereotypes and Reclaim HR.  Check out Cold Reading: Sylvia Browne, Amanda Berry, and Recruiters.

What are your favorite career and lifestyle blogs for millennial women?