Week in the Life is a scrapbooking project created by Ali Edwards. The purpose of the project is to document what a typical week looks like for you at this moment in time…which means you’ll likely take photos of ordinary things you wouldn’t normally document.

This is my FAVORITE scrapbooking project and I have so much fun with it every year. I love seeing the photos other people take because it gives me inspiration for my own projects.

I hope that the photos I’m sharing here will give you some inspiration for your own documenting adventures!

The lens I’ll be using is gratitude.

Thankful for these cuties… seriously, could they BE any cuter?

Thankful for this candle that is 100% accurate.

Thankful for this view, a big yard for my dogs to run around in, and a robot lawnmower that does the yard work for us.

Thankful for how easy Hopper is… he’s by far the easiest and most chill puppy we’ve ever had.

Thankful for smoothies.

Thankful for working from home 100% of the time which is a blessing I never imagined I would have.

Thankful for the my health and the ability to do chores around the house…it’s easy to take for granted but it’s a luxury some people don’t have.

Thankful for my hubby who is my best friend.

Thankful that my hubby washes our windows…because this is a chore I don’t want to do.

Thankful for these four little goofballs who bring so much joy to our lives every day.

Thankful for cake batter fudge ice cream… SO good.

Thankful for relaxing moments with my hubby watching funny dog reels on his phone.

Thankful for how Hershey immediately climbs into my lap every time I sit on the floor. He’s such a love bug.

Thankful for warm weather in April (definitely beats “spring” in Minnesota…which is basically still winter).

Thankful for how good Hopper is in the car. He just sleeps and doesn’t make a peep.

Thankful for sweet Herbie and how chill (mostly) he is.

Thankful for this view and the bond between Herbie and Hazel.

Thankful for the best job I’ve ever had that comes with the best boss/coworkers I’ve ever had.

Thankful for my ear buds and the things I use them for… podcasts and listening to music (today, The Tortured Poets Department album…which just came out).

Thankful for a slower day.

Thankful for walks with my hubby and pugs.

Thankful for squishy face snuggles.

Thankful for how these goofy dogs love to sleep with their faces squished together…it looks so uncomfortable, but they love it for some reason!

Thankful to live somewhere with so many amazing restaurants.

Thankful for this life.