For those of you that used to read Frugal Millennial, you may have been a bit confused when ended up over here…on a website about intentional living.

So…what happened to the personal finance blog Frugal Millennial?

I started FM when my husband and I were digging our way out of $127,000 of debt (mostly student loans).  The blog was dedicated to penny pinching and extreme frugality.  This made perfect sense for that particular season of our lives.

After paying off our debt, I’ve come to realize that my passion isn’t really about money.  It’s about helping others (in all seasons of life – not just millennials) to create the exact lives they want.  Money is merely a tool – one that can be used to help create the life you desire…but money isn’t the main point.

Intentional living is my true passion.  I want to help you design the life you want – whatever that looks like.

To that end, this blog will now be focused on four main areas: intentional living (of course!), faith, wellness, and money mindset.

Why did I choose these particular categories?

Money – an important tool to help you create the life you want

Faith – in my opinion, spirituality is an important component in creating a fulfilling, purpose-driven life

Wellness – anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues make it more challenging for us to live to happy, intentional lives

I want to help you be intentional with your faith, your money, your health, and your life…so you can finally achieve your goals and create the exact life you want.

You can read more about my story here and how I drastically changed my life.  Just a few years ago, I was buried in debt and my life was a total train wreck.

Now, I’m living a life I never would’ve thought was possible.

I want that for you too.

You in?

Let’s do this!

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